Done For You Sales Funnels (Start Generating More Leads)

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Spending money on a business website that doesn’t help you sell more of what you offer is like setting fire to a pile of $100 bills. But you already knew that, right? The real question is, how do you make a website deliver results for your business?

You’re good at what you do, But growing your business with online marketing can be an overwhelming, confusing, frustrating experience. You never really know if you’re keeping up with the latest trends or using the right tools and softwares. You could try and figure it all out yourself. But The last thing you need at this point is more training, courses, workshops, or the time to come up with a workable strategy in between, clients, customers, patients, emails, customer support, phone calls, and everything else involved in running your business. 

Ideally, it would be best to have a reliable online marketing expert – available on-demand – who could recommend specific solutions and build an automated sales funnel to attract and convert prospects. The essential aspect of your business’ success is providing value to your clients and customers. Attracting people searching for your service or product means you’ll be able to offer them what they desire.

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Whether you’re a health care professional, coach, consultant, course creator, or professional service provider, we can help you get in front of your ideal clients or customers and get them to take action with a done-for-you sales funnel. Building an automated sales funnel or marketing strategy for your business isn’t probably one of your skillsets. That is entirely okay, that is where we come in.

We can assist you in obtaining more traffic, more leads and sell more to your new and existing clients and customers by leveraging the latest digital marketing trend and technology and creating an automated sales funnel for you!

Done for you sales funnel can help you scale your business, reach your ideal audience, turn more prospects into clients/customers/patients, and make money all on autopilot. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What are sales funnel?
  • Why are sales funnel important?
  • Who can benefit from lead generation sales funnel?
  • What’s included in a custom built done for you sales funnel?
  • How it works (Our Done For You sales funnel)
  • Let’s scale your business

What Are Sales Funnel?

done for you sales funnels

The sales funnel is a marketing term for the path that potential customers take to make a purchase. The top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel are three distinct stages through which potential consumers go on their way to acquiring something. A well-designed automated sales funnel can maximize engagement and profitability.

Every business owner has experienced the agony of missing a sale. The prospect disappears out of the sales funnel without committing after weeks of presentations and demonstrations.

It does happen. However, it happens less frequently when you have the correct sales funnel management assistance.

There is a better system. Sales and marketing automation software can plug those sales funnel holes and convert near-misses into sales.

Why Are Sales Funnel Important?

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Sales funnel help you understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the purchasing journey. These insights allow you to invest in the right marketing activities and channels, create the most relevant messaging during each stage, and turn more prospects into paying customers.

If you’re serious about growing or scaling your business, watch this exclusive short video on how you can turn prospects into clients in 72 hours or less.

lead generation sales funnel

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Health Care Professionals

We help healthcare professionals acquire more patients through lead generation & nurturing sales funnels. We create high converting Sales Funnel for Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists, Surgeons, Radiographers.

Coaches & Consultants

From business coaches to health coaches, life coaches offering programs, services, or products. We will build automated sales funnels that can generate 2X and 3X plus ROAS with high ticket sales.

Course Creators

Let’s say you already have a course, or maybe you’re planning on launching a new course that teaches your students how to bake a homemade cake. We can help you fuel your sales funnel by creating a variety of paid ads or organic marketing.

Membership Sites

As a specialist and content creator, memberships provide recurring income to help you build a strong foundation for your business. We’ll create an automated sales funnel that will bring in sales on a daily basis.


If you want to sell high-ticket items online, there is a specific layout that must be followed. Surely a simple order form won’t suffice. We create Mastermind Sales Funnels that convert.

What’s Included In Custom Built Done For You Sales Funnels?

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A Done For You Automated Sales Funnel is entirely custom and built in a way that keeps as much of the work out of your hands as possible. We’ll determine what sort of sales funnel is appropriate for your offer, service, or product and create everything from beginning to end.

Here are some of the most frequently used marketing elements in client sales funnels:

Paid Traffic Campaigns

We help businesses grow through digital marketing by setting up and running paid traffic campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

Retargeting Campaigns

We help you Reach out to the prospects who are already familiar with your offer, services or products so that they come back and buy!

Custom Audiences Creation

We utilize your website traffic and email data more effectively by developing unique and lookalike audiences that you may target on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

Landing Page Design

We utilize proven, converting landing page designs to convert regular website traffic into leads quickly!

Video Sales Letters

Start selling through a Video Sales Letter, proven to convert both warm traffic and cold traffic better! We provide you with proven formula on how to create a high converting video sales letter.

Email Auto-Responder Creation

A three-part email nurturing sequence is one of the most effective ways to interact with leads and prospective customers. We’re here to assist you if you’re starting from scratch on this.

Lead Magnet Creation

A lead magnet is a type of free content that is distributed as an enticement to join your email list. We can provide suggestions and headlines, as well as a conversion-focused fill-in-the-blank template with feedback and edits.

Exit Popup

A pop-up box appears when visitors are about to leave your website and urges them to sign up for your mailing list. Many top marketers and websites use pop-ups to increase their lists of email subscribers. 

Improve Funnel Flow With CTA Buttons 

An obvious call-to-action button that has been designed with all of the most current best practices in mind. This may assist in propelling them through your funnel toward the next stage.

AB Testing

The goal of A/B testing is to compare two or more variations of a landing page, pop-up, or email sign-up offer against one another in order to determine which variation performs the best.

AB Testing On Landing Page

Do you have a landing page that is responsible for a significant portion of your leads or income? We can create an AB test for you to improve the conversion rate over time.

AB Testing On Email OPT-INS

Aside from testing your pop-up, you should also test the other sections of your email list where most people join.

AB Testing On Popups

A pop-up is one of the most visible methods to increase your audience, and it is also one of the most common. Split testing your pop-up’s design, language, or lead magnet may help you achieve a 3%, 4%, or 5% opt-in rate.

How It Works ( Our Done For You Sales Funnel Process)

Market Your Business Online

Each year, millions of small businesses go online. Meanwhile, over 80% of them fail. The secret to success? A lead generating and conversion funnel that’s been highly optimized.

Step 1: See If we’re a good fit for you 

Our funnel experts see where your business and digital marketing are at today. We’ll confirm if we think we’re a fit for your business or not and answer all your questions. We’ll start with a strategy call to create and then review your Funnel Blueprint plan together.

▶ Watch Our Exclusive 15 Minutes Video Presentation

Step 2: We Build Your Funnel

You give us the go-ahead to carry out the strategy, and we’ll begin working on the items. Our itemized approach is intended to get you the most outstanding results in the quickest time. 

▶ Watch Our Exclusive 15 Minutes Video Presentation

Step 3: We’ll Help Run Traffic To Your Funnel, And You Can Sit Back And Relax

We’ll keep you posted on how things are going as we plan out each piece of the funnel. We’ll also let you know how the funnel is performing after it goes live every week.

Watch Our Exclusive 15 Minutes Video Presentation

Marketing Is Constantly Changing (OLD VS NEW)

Digital Marketing Services For Small Business

In the past, Marketing was all about frequency and consistency. You could go into a store once or twice to get your advertising in front of people who might be interested, but for those without connections at stores, there wasn’t much else they could do besides waiting around until someone noticed them in a newspaper ad, Yellow Pages, etc…

Luckily though, as time goes on, things are changing because technology has evolved so fast- what used to take many months can now happen within days thanks to social media traffic and automation tools like SALES FUNNELS. 


  • Newspaper Ads
  • Yellow Pages
  • Direct Mailing
  • TV Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Cold Calling
  • No Remarketing
  • No Targeting
  • Business Networking
  • Zero Automation
  • Expensive


  • YouTube Sales Funnel
  • Facebook Sales Funnel
  • Facebook Sales Funnel
  • Instagram Sales Funnel
  • Google Sales Funnel
  • Display Sales Funnel
  • Podcasting Sales Funnel
  • LinkedIn Marketing Funnel
  • Full Marketing Automation
  • Remarketing
  • Hyper Targeting
  • Cost-Effective

Let’s Scale Your Business Fast!

Digital Marketing Services For Small Business

We get asked this question plenty of times. “can you create a custom done for you sales funnel system for my business” the answer is (Yes) We provide the following:

  • Custom sales funnel for Doctors
  • Custom sales funnel for Dentists
  • Custom sales funnel for Orthodontist
  • Custom sales funnel for Surgeons
  • Custom sales funnel for Radiographers
  • Custom sales funnel for consultants
  • Custom sales funnel for coaches
  • Custom sales funnel for Course Creators

As a business owner, you have one main goal in life is to generate more revenue. Nowadays, that can feel like an incredibly difficult task. You are always looking for ways to attract your potential audience, turn prospects into clients, customers, or patients, and scale your business fast!

We create custom high Converting sales funnels and we’ve helped businesses In various Industries. We would love to help you scale your business with our done-for-you sales and marketing funnels. It’s easy to get started with this service because there is no technical setup required on your end.

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