How To Create A Webinar Presentation (Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you looking for a way to create an engaging and informative webinar presentation? If so, we have some tips for you! Do you want the audience to be engaged and interested in what you are presenting? We’ve got your back. Let us show you how easy it is to keep them captivated with these simple steps that anyone can do. With just a few key points, your webinar will be perfect!

Who This is for: [Coaches, Consultants, Courses Creators, & Professional Service Providers]

Duration of Video presentation: 15-45 MINs

This video presentation can be:

  • A PowerPoint presentation with great audio
  • Video of you talking mix with Powerpoint slides, testimonials, and more… 
  • Animation video Presentation video great audio
  • Or any form of video presentation that will align with the information we’ll be going over in this short guide.
  • White board Presentation

If your video presentation only consists of slides: You need more slides than you think you need. This is one of the biggest mistakes most coaches and course creators make. They don’t create enough slides and spend too much time on each slide.

It will be best to have a lot of slides – seriously. Don’t put too much text on each slide, or too many bullets, and don’t spend more than 60 seconds on each slide, and keep moving fast to keep your viewers’ attention.

  • Use slides with images to break up the flow of the text-only slides
  • Use question slides to keep your viewers focused on the teaching 

Last but not least, try not to read your slides word for word. Use them as a guide and to keep your viewers engaged. Your slide design doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember, your slide deck is there to support you and your content, that is all.


Introduction (2-10 minutes)

At the beginning of the video presentation, always remind people of the BIG promise, usually your headline or [Title of the presentation]. Tell them they are in the right place and show them what they are going to learn.

  • Remind people of the BIG promise
  • Housekeeping and request to remove distractions
  • Tell them what the video presentation is about
  • Tell them who the video presentation is for (and not for)
  •  what you will cover
  •  Why they should stay till the very end

Your Story (5-15 minutes)

The key here is to connect and build rapport with your viewer’s challenges, and share your expert story positioning. No one believes your success until they have heard your struggle. 

  • Introduce yourself and share credentials for credibility
  • Share the struggle you faced
  • Share the transformation you went through
  • Share the result you achieved

Deliver on the promise you made in (Title – headline) Main Content (10-20 minutes) 

This is the part where most coaches, course creators, & service providers get it wrong, and it costs them big time. The key here is to not give away all the information only focus on the “why”

While you want to teach some of the “How” and give away some of your best stuff, people tend to over teach the “How” and don’t hit the “Why” enough. Here’s the big one, they don’t remove the objections and fears that people have about their product or service.

 Start with a question for each content point. Make that question an objection that people commonly have about doing what you are selling. “Do I need to buy a bunch of expensive and complicated equipment to host webinars?” This is an example I used.  

  1. How to build the perfect business foundation (talk about website)
  2. How to drive the right traffic that generates qualified leads (traffic source)

3 The most effective techniques used to convert prospects into loyal customers (online journey + conversion))

4.The key to moving from point A to B to start generating a consistent cash flow (Don’t be scared to make the shift)

Break the belief and teach the main content point.  Tell them why the objection is not true and share how they can overcome it. Give some of your best stuff. Make sure the content point is in line with the pains your offer solves.

  • Deliver on the promise of the webinar
  • Provide proof (stats, examples, case studies, etc.)
  • Break up your big idea into smaller, actionable steps

[s] Will this work for me?

 One of the biggest questions in your prospective client’s minds is, will this work for me? You can remove that as an objection by showing case studies of past clients or others in your industry who have had results doing what you are offering.

Transition smoothly into your pitch. (5-10 minutes)

Now it is time to offer your service, software, or coaching program as a solution to get them the results you talked about in your content section much faster, without as much TIME wasted.

 Make sure to “stretch the gap” for your audiences at this point. Stretching the gap means telling them something like the following…

 “Today you have gotten a lot of actionable information, but knowledge is not enough. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. There are going to be a number of specific challenges that can stop you from achieving your goals. You are still at point A and you want to get to point B.”

 Make sure to remind them they are still stuck at point A and want to get to point B (which is the outcome they want from your offer).

 [s] What Next? This slide indicates to the viewers that the presentation has ended. 

[s] What’s next?

Create legitimate urgency tell them to click the button below the video to move to the next step

For example, you would say something like this:

  • Let’s Talk!
  • So, my team and I have set aside some time in the next 72 hours to speak to you personally on how we can help you ………………. 
  • Click the button below to schedule a call with us. 
  • Once you click, The button will direct you to a questionnaire to ask you a few questions that will help us prepare for your call.



[Slide] Here What We Will Do On the Call?

  • Help You Become …….
  • Help You Become Clear On How
  • Help You Craft ……. 
  • Help ……….

Final Slide:

  • Let’s Talk
    • This page will expire when the timer hit zero 
    • Click The Button Below To schedule a call with me/us TODAY!