How To Create A Video AD That Moves People to Action

Discover how to craft the perfect, trust-building, attention-grabbing, high-quality lead-producing YouTube Ad. Follow this proven video ad formula to ensure your message calls out to the right audience and conveys a compelling message to get you MORE customers!

Goal: Use this YouTube Ad formula to create 3-5 video ads.

How To Create A YouTube Video AD

Using our ad structuring formula will make it easy for you to create great video ads that will grab, keep your viewers attention and get them to take your desired action.

Below are the four stages of the perfect video ad. They are (in this order):

1.- The Punch/Hook: in the first few seconds of a video ad, you want to give your audience a reason why they should continue watching. Try your best to capture your audience’s attention. You can do that by asking a question or calling them out. For example:

● “Are you a coach or consultant? If so …….”
● “If you’re struggling with ……. this video is for you!”
● “Here’s how I was able to overcome …. as a coach.”
● “Are you tired of not being able to lose those last few extra pounds? I
want to show you a method for losing 5-10 pounds fast and easy.”

2.- Frame The Problem: This is the part in your video ad where you present the problem. Discuss the problem you’ll be solving from different angles to help the viewer gain a deeper understanding of it. Explain how the issue affects their life or business and why they may be facing this problem. This way, you are building anticipation to a climax so that they are eager for your solution. For example:

● “Is it hard for you to sleep at night? …..”
● “Why is it so hard to be natural on camera? Well…”
● “A Lot of home buyers deal with this one specific problem….”
3.- The Solution: Now, It’s finally time for you to present the solution to their problems. Give them a teaser on how you can solve their problem in sequential steps, it’s usually easier to follow along on video. For example:

● “Imagine being able to …”
● “If you’re looking to be more comfortable on camera…..”

4.- Final Call To Action: Tell your audience what to do next. in the last 20 second of a video ad you should focus on telling your audience what to do next. For example:

● “I put together a video presentation that will explain in detail how

● “Click on the link on or around this video to watch this video
presentation I put together just for you, on how to……”

Goal: Use this YouTube Ad formula to create 3-5 video ads
Video Length: Video ads should be between 2-3 minutes

Please keep in mind you don’t need a big video production team to create great
video ads. You can film your video ads with your phone if you wish.
Suggestions For Recording

When recording your YouTube video ads, be sure to do the following:
● Memorize and record your video, sentence-by-sentence
● Use background music. You can buy royalty-free music on Audio Jungle.

If you don’t know how to edit videos on something like iMovie, we recommend
hiring someone on Show them this list of the best video ads on YouTube as an example to work from. Ask them to include b-roll stock footage for an even greater-looking sales video. We use to buy stock video footage.


A Successful Ad Suppose To Help With The Followings:
● Captures Attention of Your Target Audience
● Build Trust With Your Audience
● Build Your Personal Brand
● Invites Your Audience To Take Your Desire Action

You know you’ve created a successful video ad when the viewers are clicking on it and taking action on your landing page, giving you their email addresses, phone numbers, and more!