10 Miami Slang Everyone Should Know | Florida Slang

“Miami slang is a specific dialect of English that people in the city speak. Many words are borrowed from Haitian and Spanish, but there are also some interesting and unique vocabulary and phrases that only people who live in Miami would understand.”

Miami Slang Everyone Should Know

Miami slang and the words used in Miami are very different from other parts of America. Some people like to make fun of it, but you can’t deny that there is a lot of Spanish influence, Haitians influence in Miami. There are so many words that we use everyday that have Haitian, and Spanish origins! Many people don’t realize this because English speakers borrow from other languages all the time. Whether you’re visiting or just trying to fit in, knowing some common Miami slang will help you communicate with locals better and understand what they’re saying when they speak amongst themselves. You might even learn a few new things along the way! So without further ado, the video above will et you started.

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