Top 40 Songs That Get White People Turnt (Best Music Playlist)

Songs That Get White People Turnt, at least that’s what my friend calls it. These are the party songs you’ll wish you knew all the words to. My best friend calls this music playlist: A list of songs that get white people turnt. Let’s get the party started.

Inside of this Spotify music playlist, you’ll find songs like: eye of a tiger, sweet home Alabama, ice baby, stacy’s mom, and the list goes on… This Spotify playlist is a mixture of the best popular old school songs mix with fresh new popular hits.

Songs That Get White People Turnt

White people get turnt. It’s a fact of life and it happens; whether they’re at the club, in the car or simply playing their own music for themselves. I mean, we all know that white people like to dance and drink (and more often than not, do both simultaneously). They also like to dress up when going out on occasion. This is where we can find some common ground; because while you might be into EDM and only EDM, I’m willing to bet there are some songs everyone – black/white/asian/indigenous – can agree upon as being “turnt.” So with this list of 40+ songs below, let’s all finally come together! Because let’s face it: if we all like to get turnt

If you’ve been looking for a music playlist that can make white people dance, I think this is the one. We also have a list of good music playlists on our main page, you should check them out.

YouTube Songs That Get White People Turnt (YouTube Playlist)

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